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23/06/ · If you don’t want to get into the crypto space to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of the potential for solid gains, do it to be able to bring up the term ‘Dead Cat Bounce’ at a dinner party. Unless you’re talking about finance, a conve. 16/08/ · Bitcoin, the leading crypto by way of market capitalization dropped from an intraday high of 31, on Monday to trade below the crucial level of 30, at 29, on Tuesday. During the same timeframe, Bitcoin Cash current rally could be a dead cat bounce. 22/07/ · Bitcoin’s Rebound or a Dead Cat Bounce? 34 mins ago 0. SuperCryptoNews is a global leading blockchain & crypto news provider, covering daily news focused on trading and investment developments in bitcoin and crypto. We bring you expansive crypto news coverage around the world. 29/05/ · A dead cat bounce is a term typically used by traders to describe “a brief recovery in the price of a declining asset that is shortly followed by a continuation of the downtrend.”. Of course, we won’t know until hindsight that we’re in a downtrend, but there tools and areas of price action to watch that hopefully give us better odds of getting the next move right.

Volatility is a term that strikes fear into the hearts of hedge fund managers and retail investors alike. Newer investors that analyze the markets without distancing their emotions are far more affected by volatility. Hope can be a powerful emotion. The purchase and sale of assets drive price fluctuations and lure speculative traders into making money off of them. Cryptocurrencies are currently not governed by regulations in most countries, and their prices are primarily driven by the law of supply and demand.

The more prospective buyers, the higher its price. The blockchain and the cryptocurrency markets are only a little over a decade old. It is still in its nascent stages, and there is immense scope for improvements in its technology. However, there are still some significant concerns regarding its safety and regulation, leading to market speculation.

The crypto market is not alien to the financial situations faced by other long and short-term markets. Despite evidence of a prevalent declining trend, some traders buy back into an asset at the bottom of a bearish rally, pumping up its price.

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Every major digital currency—from Bitcoin to Dogecoin —is down a staggering amount as China has widened its crackdown on cryptos. So, for that matter, is Wall Street. But virtually all of them are also already seeing some sort of recovery. The question is, are investors perhaps the HODLers who are the most enthusiastic evangelists for crypto buying on the low to send their crypto of choice higher?

Or is this a dead cat bounce? The term dead cat bounce, used to describe a short-lived recovery from a prolonged decline, always pops up when you see a small rally after a downward trend. And all major cryptos have seen them at one point or another. ET, according to Coindesk. And Dogecoin has rebounded from 22 cents to 37 cents.

Other cryptos are following the same pattern: Cardano, XRP, Litecoin, and Maker have all seen bounces since just after 9 a. Bulls, however, could ask whether the cat has already bounced. Dogecoin hit its peaks on May 7, then fell, except for a short rally on May 13 and May This story was originally featured on Fortune.

dead cat bounce crypto

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Whereas most crypto audiences are focused on the bitcoin price pumping to infinity, finding a voice of reason is hard. The asset which rose fairly fast from its recent dip printing eight consecutive daily bull candles for the first time this year recoiled after reaching the resistance zone and has since stalled in a sideways move for the last four days. Crypto Whale, an ardent believer in sound crypto analysis, warns that the recent swing could be a trap to lure more investors into buying the asset before it dumps lower.

Looks like this fake-out rally which I warned about beforehand, is working! In an article published on June 15, he further explained why he believed the Bitcoin rally was over. Price is currently experiencing a tight squeeze on lower timeframes, torn between breaking above the current resistance and plunging below the support trendline. However, we are likely to see a more clear market direction once the price is out of this zone.

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dead cat bounce crypto

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However, the industry experts warn that the downside correction has just started. However, the upside momentum will be short-lived as it is just a dead cat bounce. The concept of a dead cat bounce is well-known in the traditional markets. It is characterized by a short-lived price recovery after a prolonged decline or a bear market, inevitably followed by another leg down Just as a dead cat can bounce if it falls fast and far enough, the prices can also stage small rallies within the dominating downside trend.

Bitcoin has its history of dead cat bounces during the crypto winter and the post-COVID19 sell-off. It is natural that the downtrends are interrupted by brief rallies. The tricky thing is that the bounce may look like a reversal at first glance and usually they are identified postfactum. Currently, traders continue moving BTC tokens to cryptocurrency exchanges‘ accounts, which is a clear signal that the selling pressure remains high.

Ki-Young Ju, the head of on-chain data provider CryptoQuant, notes that when exchange inflows stay elevated, Bitcoin price remains vulnerable to a potential sell-off. All Exchanges Inflow Mean increased a few hours ago.

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XRP price outperforming over the monthly chart after a long profit-taking session. In contrast, the coin is trading under strong bullish momentum and making bullish engulfing candles. The coin is now trading near its 2-months highs, with good volume activity as it jumps above the average line. Currently, the coin is trading above all vital moving averages of 20, 50, and days, with good growth over time. The short term moving averages of 20 and day lines are heading towards the major moving averages of and day.

Volume action needs to improve at the monthly chart to sustain the bullish momentum on the higher side. Over the weekly chart, XRP price is projecting good growth with a slight increment in volume activity. Whereas the bulls have a strong grip over the counter, and as a result, XRP makes higher highs and lower lows patterns. The technical parameters are reached under the overbought zone, and now no fresh long is suggested. Relative Strength Index CAUTION : XRP price RSI presently indicates caution for bulls over the weekly chart.

In contrast, the RSI is trading under the overbought zone and now CMP at Moving Average Convergence Divergence CAUTION : This currently indicates a bullish trend on the daily chart, but at the same time, caution is also for longs.

dead cat bounce crypto

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Bitcoin Gold. Bitcoin price prediction is all but bearish, with the slideways movement opening up lower support levels. The investors are reconsidering their long-term strategies as the weekend approaches since the current correction may extend as per technical indicators. Any bad omen from large institutional investors can turn the price over its head. Derivatives and aggressively leveraged traders may face headwinds if the bearish rally extends.

However, investors are still hopeful for a bitcoin champion. Technical indicators, including RSI and MACD, do not support any aggressive bullish moves on the charts, though. CryptoQuant data shows that large BTC pools are experiencing excess BTC outflows. Also, outflows may not always reflect the dumping of positions. But in the current situation, large-scale profit booking cannot be ruled out.

Inventory reorganization may also trigger a reduction in BTC holdings. Such figures do show that the BTC market is changing. Chances of a bullish trend reversal look bleak since the buying at lower levels is insignificant right now.

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The post Polygon MATIC Price Retraces Well, Is It A Dead Cat Bounce Or A Recovery? Additionally, the Matic price rally also gained mainstream attention and adoption of-let. However, surrounding the immense market uncertainty, Polygon price slumps to its lowest levels. The price has tanked more than a couple of time in a months time. Therefore …. Market Cap: 24h Vol:. Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin Share: Toggle navigation.

Coinpedia Polygon MATIC Price Retraces Well, Is It A Dead Cat Bounce Or A Recovery? Read More.

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19/05/ · The term dead cat bounce, used to describe a short-lived recovery from a prolonged decline, always pops up when you see a small rally after a downward trend. And all major cryptos . 16/06/ · Bitcoin continues to hover round $40, on Wednesday morning, with some worth analysts describing the newest restoration as a “lifeless cat bounce”. Different main cryptocurrencies, together with Ethereum (ether), Cardano (ada) and dogecoin have additionally stalled, having surged in worth alongside bitcoin initially of the week.

On Monday, the risk-off sentiment triggered a plunge among cryptocurrencies and other financial assets. The fear was largely as a result of the aggressive spreading of the Delta coronavirus variant. Bitcoin, the leading crypto by way of market capitalization dropped from an intraday high of 31, During the same timeframe, Bitcoin Cash fell from In addition to the regulatory pressures that have been weighing on cryptocurrencies, inflation concerns and COVID are key drivers of the bearish outlook.

On Wednesday, the fear and freed index remains on the fear side of the spectrum at Based on both the fundamentals and technicals, Bitcoin Cash current rally could be a dead cat bounce. The pattern, which is also referred to as a relief rally, occurs when a financial asset recovers temporarily before reviving its downward momentum. Bitcoin Cash is up by 6. It is currently finding support along the day EMA at However, it remains below the day EMA.

In the near term, it may find resistance at Follow us on Telegram and Twitter. Follow Faith on Twitter.

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